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Christopher J. Russo, Chairman

Matthew B. Perrigo, Director

Ryan Bonini, Director

James Doody, Director
Mr. Doody is a Director of Fantasy Sports Ventures, and currently serves as Senior Vice President of Concentra Network Services, a specialized healthcare management services company. In October of 1999, he was a founding partner of HealthNetwork Systems LLC (HNS), a leading provider of preferred provider organization (PPO) and health maintenance organization (HMO) network management services. HNS was acquired by Concentra Preferred Systems, a subsidiary of Concentra, in 2001. In 1990, Mr. Doody was a founding partner of Preferred Payment Systems, Inc. (PPS) , a national provider of healthcare bill review services. He served as Executive Vice President until PPS was acquired by Concentra in 1998. He entered the healthcare industry in 1985 with Republic RSB companies.

Patrick Lafferty, Director
Mr. Lafferty is a Director of Fantasy Sports Ventures, and serves as President of the futures brokerage firm, Capital Trading Group (CTG). CTG facilitates the global futures and options trading for leading fund managers, Commodity Trading Advisors, proprietary trading groups, institutions, and private clients. CTG specializes in the execution and central management for electronic transactions conducted on exchanges around the world.